About Frank Enterprise GmbH

Trainings, seminars and business development services

Frank Enterprise is a Leipzig-based company which arranges education and training services designed specifically the needs of our clients. We cooperate with leading international companies, institutes and universities. One of our most recent achievements is implementing a long term education and training service with the emphasize on high performance pumps and valves for CALT –China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology in cooperation with the HTW Berlin. Other clients include institutions such as:

  • TU Dresden
  • Chinese Academy of Governance
  • APEC China Business Council (ACBC)

Consulting services

We provide consulting services for German and Chinese Companies seeking to enter international markets. Especially we provide advise on issues related to registration and protection of brands and logos, customs clearance, tax, networking, market analysis and research, advise on procurement and sales channels establishment. Our activities include furthermore, translation and interpretation, adaption of content for social media channels and marketing campaigns to help to understand the target market. We build up brands, enhance brand-value and enhance market shares in the target countries, like with the Weisse Elster, Craft-beer from Leipzig, Germany, which we accompany from the very first steps of product design, to building up a sales organization in China, in particular by means of implementing and adapting their marketing campaigns for an Chinese audience.

Some of our recent clients

  • Jann und Kathrin von der Breilie GBR
  • Weisse Elster, Craft-beer from Leipzig
  • Prinz zu Salm-Dalberg´sches Weingut
  • Shanghai Purple Sunshine International Trading Company
  • Chongqing Yubei District Municipal Government
  • Panda Brew

Trade Activities

Last, but not least, we have started our own trade activities between China and German-speaking countries in the beer and beverage sector. In 2015 we introduced the first German Craft-beer on the Chinese market and, vice versa, in the coming year we expect the first Chinese Craft-beer “Panda Brew” on the German market.