Our partners


HTW Berlin

Innovation and diversity – the key features of the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) Berlin. Comprising a student body of almost 12,000, it is the largest institution of its kind in Berlin.

With around 70 accredited Bachelor‘s and Master’s courses in Engineering, Economics, Information Technology, Culture and Design, the range of qualifications which they provide is impressive. As well as teaching in the classical disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Business Administration, they also offer new, innovative qualifications in areas such as Facility Management, Business Economics and Policies and Game Design.


Dirigieren & Führen

„Dirigieren & Führen“ („Conducting & Leading“) offers a unique concept which helps top managers questions their leadership competence and changing it to the positive. Because leading means communicating: Reaching people, understanding their potential, convincing and inspiring them. These aspects depend on the intuitively-emotional, thus, non-verbal part of communication to a great extent. Conducting is non-verbal communication at its best. Therefore, the core of the management seminar “Dirigieren & Führen” is to perceive, to try and to optimise the effect of this kind of communication through the immediate reaction of the orchestra.


SFI – Sergey Frank International

As an internationally experienced team with a main office in Leipzig and further locations in Vienna and Moscow, we help our clients prepare and implement their international activities. We advise mainly medium-sized enterprises on issues related to international Sales, Human Resources and Organisation. We always work in small teams which also ensures a permanent availability for our clients.


Prinz zu Salm-Dalberg’sches Weingut

The wine estate of the Princes zu Salm-Salm is Germany’s oldest family-owned wine estate. The family seat, Schloss Wallhausen, is tightly woven within the microcosm of dwellings, nooks and alleys of the wine village. The impression is not illusory, for all the masonry is composed of coarsely crushed green slate, precisely the same stone in which some of the finest vineyards are rooted. Equally firm are the roots of the family tree, in which eight hundred years and 32 generations of uninterrupted viticulture and family tradition are documented. This is a long period of time to acquire knowledge and experience, gain insight, reflect on fundamental values and to pass them on to future generations.

The spirit of their home is marked by Christianity as well as a great respect for nature. In this family, tending vineyards is more than a mere source of income. Symbolically, it is also a service to nature. The reward we reap is not only grapes, but also personal satisfaction.


Weisse Elster

The craft-beer label „Weisse Elster“, is based in Leipzig and brew their beer at the gates of the city. Since October 2015, they have their own beer at their bar, the “Gold hops”, in the center of Leipzig.

In autumn 2014, they started with the “Monohop Ale Cascade”, a pale ale brewed exclusively with Cascade hops. Since then, the “Monohop Kazbek” and “Lena”, their Belgian Style Pale Ale, has been added. All their beers are brewed with traditional open fermentation and cold maturation. They are unfiltered and unpasteurized. All their beers are handcrafted: From brewing, filling, corking and up to the labeling.